Lot#: 116

Group of Twenty-Six New Orleans Receipts, 19th c., consisting of three from Raoul Bonnot Carriages; five from Leon Godchaux; one from A. J. Giuranovich; one from Bierhorst Brothers; one from L. Roca's Sons; one from D. H. Holmes; two from Maison Blanche; one W. E, Seebold; three from N. Frey; one from F Romuguy for service of a Stallion; one from C. B. Slack & Co.; one from Jung & Sandry; one for a mare and buggy; one for two scotch terriers; one for S. J. Swartz & Co.; one for John David Burghardt, Plumber; and one for Mrs. L. Roca.; an Orleans Parish tax receipt, 1884; Union Sanitary Excavating. (26 Pcs.)
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Jan 2022 - Lot: 116

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