Lot#: 72

Group of Thirty-Five Apothecary Items, early 20th c., consisting of 7 clear bottles with glass labels; a blue glass bottle with a glass label; a blue silver citrate bottle; a clear Dr. Tichenor's bottle; a Perry Davis pain Killer bottle; 2 large clear bottles with glass stoppers; one clear Sulphuric Acid bottle with a glass stopper; one blue glass tall bottle with no stopper; one Deschiens' Syrup of Hemoglobin, unopened; one Eupenine brown bottle; Dr. Tafts Asthamaline, in original box; a brown Parke Davis bottle and contents; one Dioviburnia, with original label; one Nuglein Solution #2, with original label; one Riodine brown bottle, with original label; two Sparteine Houde bottles, with original labels; one clear glass short bottle; a Hydrastine Houde with original box; one Waughh Constipation medicine, in original box; one Phen-O-Quin, in original box; one Hydrastatine Houde with original label; one Mitchell eye salve, in original box; one Royaline cough syrup in original box; one Ozomulsion Cod Liver Oil, in original box; one Groves' Chill Tonic for Malaria, in original box; one large glass bottle with a paper label "Cinnamon," (35 Pcs.) Cinnamon- H.- 11 in., Dia.- 5 5/8 in.
Final Sale Price:
July 2022 - Lot: 72

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