Lot#: 3

Group of Four Cabinet Figures, 20th c., consisting of a pair of patinated spelter examples, "La Force," and "Le Pouvoir," on stepped circular ebonized plinths; a patinated spelter bust of "Lucrece," after Emile Villanis (1858-1914), on an integral plinth on a rouge marble base; and a patinated bronze bust of a young woman, after Alfred Foretay (1861-1944), on a socle support on a green stepped marble base, incised signature verso, H.- 10 1/2 in., W.- 6 in., D.- 4 1/2 in. (4 Pcs) Provenance: Palmira, the Estate of Sarkis Kaltakdjian (Sarkis Oriental Rugs), Prairieville, Louisiana.
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Nov 2021 - Lot: 3

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